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Supplying the US with high-quality temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers.

We specialize in Smartweld™ technology for temporary fencing, creating a comprehensive range of anti-climb panels that are designed and manufactured to the highest standards around the world.

We have a large variety of standard and specialized anti-climb temporary fence products available. Explore our products here.

st612v panel Spot On Safety
Spot On Safety

Temporary Fencing

ST frame Spot On Safety
Square-Top (ST Range)

Product Code: 01062201

Square-Top temporary fencing panels are the ‘standard’ panels. Their frames are made from four metal tubes that have been welded together creating the square shaped top.

Square-top panels can make use of panel extensions to increase their height or add other security measures.

RT frame Spot On Safety
Round-Top (RT Range)

Product Code: 01063012

Round-Top temporary fencing panels also get their name from the shape of the frame. Round-Top panels use only two tubes to create the frame as opposed to four, with the tubes being bent to create the distinctive ’round-top’. This improves the robustness of the frame as welded joins are a natural weak point.

horizontal vertical support Spot On Safety
Support Braces

Product Code: 01063201

Both the ST and RT range of panels come with the option to have additional support for the frames in the form of a vertical and/or horizontal bar. These provide the frame with additional support and are ideal when the product is expected to face heavy handed use.

Corner Plates provide even more rigidity and support.
Corner Plates provide even more rigidity and support.

Corner Plates

A broken frame is the end of a panel and welded joints are a natural weak point. In addition to our SmartWeld technology delivering stronger welds we also fit our panels with corner plates to provide them with even more support.

Additional Fencing Options

z weight Spot On Safety
stabilizers Spot On Safety
pedgate6ftanticlimb b copy 1 Spot On Safety
Pedestrian Gate
RT frame Spot On Safety
Powder Coating
storage Spot On Safety
Storage & Transport
09051040 b copy 1 Spot On Safety
Joiners and Brackets
doubleslidinggate b copy Spot On Safety
Double Sliding Vehicle Gate
09052232 b 2 Spot On Safety
Barbed Wire Extension
09251540rev 2 fence extension panel b 2 Spot On Safety
Vertical Extension Panels

Mesh Type

Welded to the frame at every point, a welded wire mesh temporary fencing panel is safer, more secure and durable than the chain link mesh that dominates the US market today. Low maintenance and storage friendly, welded wire mesh is also aesthetically pleasing, giving our Temporary Fencing panels the taut, uniform and professional appearance highly valued at events.

Welded wire mesh comes in two types; Standard and Anti-Climb.

Standard Mesh

Standard mesh is suitable for many applications of temporary fencing.


Anti-Climb mesh is much harder to scale than standard mesh.
Spot On Safety

Crowd Control Barriers

fixed leg barrier standard Spot On Safety
Bar Barrier Stand

Product Code: 01062012

fixed leg barrier HD Spot On Safety
Bar Barrier Heavy Duty

Product Code: 01062201

bar barrier standard Spot On Safety
Fixed Leg Barrier

Product Code: 01063012

bar barrier hd Spot On Safety
Fixed Leg Barrier HD

Product Code: 01063201

Bar Barrier Heavy Duty (PN #01062201) Crowd control barriers in use at London 2012.
Bar Barrier Heavy Duty (PN #01062201) Crowd control barriers in use at London 2012.

Stronger Products

Our products go through a rigorous design and testing process, our manufacturing techniques make Smartweld temporary barriers stronger than alternative products. Each and every one is tested so that we can guarantee their durability.

The Smartweld strengthening process features:

Superior design and construction

With a robust frame and designed safety features, our crowd-control & safety barriers have been the products of choice at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious events.

Our temporary fencing products are available in a range of different options – all designed to provide an effective demarcation solution. From vertical infill tubes to welded mesh, inbuilt to detachable feet – we have plenty of options to ensure you’re getting the right temporary barrier for the job.

US based manufacturing ensures both a highly responsive customer service and quick lead time from order to delivery.

crowd control barriers panama 2019 Spot On Safety

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