AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection

The AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection System provides superior design, functionality and ease of use over other competing brands. 

AlphaEdge engineered edge protection

AlphaEdge is the most cost-effective modular Engineered Edge Protection system on the market. Simple to install, easy to maintain and extremely flexible, AlphaEdge is quickly replacing wood and other edge protection alternatives.

Our standard galvanized panels can be installed in a variety of openings and edge environments in just a few minutes with minimal equipment.  Unlike wood, AlphaEdge can be reused for multiple projects, year after year.

Easily maintain and replace components in the field if necessary, no other brand can make that claim. Should a panel become accidentally damaged or needs to be resized to fit a specific application, AlphaEdge is the only edge protection system that can be repaired or modified in the field and all pieces remain effective and usable.

Spot On Safety’s unique “Seam Coil” allows panels to be seamed together, extended or configured without the addition of vertical post. The AlphaEdge panels are low profile allowing more pieces to be stacked in racks & baskets (50ea.) thereby maximizing freight cost and minimizing staging time on the project. 800 linear feet of edging in 3 compact racks requiring less than 100SF of space pre & post deployment.

The patented Armstrong Hook design insures durability, security, and the quickest product installation on the market today.

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Resizable, reusable, compact, and extremely flexible fall protection for a price that beats out other conventional fall protection systems. Purchase comparison and rent for much less.

  • All products are rigorously engineered and tested to exceed OSHA regulations for leading edge protection.
AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection Lumber Cable
Cost per Linear Foot, Jan. 2022

It's Universal...

The AlphaEdge Edge Protection System can be used as site security fencing or highway dividers on your jersey barriers. The Return on Investment (ROI) is the highest in the industry. Not only can the AlphaEdge be used as edge protection and fencing, it is 100% galvanized, 100% repairable and the most durable product on the market today with an expected 15 year life span. Now, that’s a return on your investment.

Bridge & Highway

Whether concrete, wood or the standard C49 road and bridge bracket, Spot On Safety offers a complete engineered edge protection system compatable with your site conditions.

With our specility designed pocket insert, Spot On Safety can offer a simple, reusable, cost effective alternative to the typical lumber edge protection system use today. Install in 50% less time with half the crew size.

AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection

Innovative Accessories

Innovation never stop at Spot On Safety. The Alpha Seam Coil is being called “Magic”, “Innovative” and simply “Brilliant”.

Incorporate access & egress swing gates, or section off additional areas or simply eliminate corner posts with the Seam Coil. These innovations make the AlphaEdge System the most flexible and accommodating system on the market today.

Seam Coil_ best_DSC_0698
AlphaEdge Spiral & Seam Bar

Protection For Any Edge

Click on the hotspots to learn about different AlphaEdge applications:

42" AlphaEdge Drill & Fixed Post

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall) stacked vertically

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

Compression Post 7' - 13'

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

42" AlphaEdge Slab Grab

AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection

Brochures & Comparisons

See why AlphaEdge is the best engineered edge protection system on the market.

AlphaEdge Engineered Edge Protection
AlphaEdge No-Climb Panel

8’6″ x 42″ tall

AlphaEdge No-Climb Panel

51″ x 42″ tall

Slab Grab

42″ tall
Product Code ASG-42

Bolt Down Post

42″ tall
Product Code: ADP-42

Bolt Down Post (HD)

42″ tall
Product Code: ADP-HD-42

Bolt Down Post

84″ tall
Product Code: ADP-84

Compression Post

From 8’6″ – 12′ tall
Product Code: ACP-8612

Patented Armstrong Hook

Armstrong Hook

As the only Engineered Edge Protection manufacturer in the US to design and develop the only patented “Passive Restraint” attachment system with NO moving parts, typically prone to damage. NO moving part, no tools required and 100% repairable or replaceable in the field if damaged.  

AlphaEdge Modular Edge Protection & Roofing Edging Guardrail

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With the tight labor markets of today, complete your next edge protection requirement in half the time with half the crews used to previously carry out Edge protection on your next building, elevators shaft, roof top, retaining wall or SME wall.

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